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Working with a range of partners, we will support projects which make tourism more sustainable, looking after the environment and giving back to destinations. So far we have raised £10 million for the World Care Fund.

We’re also planning to have more than 90% of our hotels recognised with either Travelife or similar awards, and we’ll be working on the rest. Backed by ABTA, Travelife awards are given to hotels that care for the environment, their employees and the local community.

Each year, millions of people go on holiday with us in search of fun, sun and relaxation. This has many positive impacts on the destinations, such as providing jobs and income - tourism is one of the top five exports in 80% of developing countries. However, holidays can also have negative impacts in destinations, whether it's on the local community through loss of their traditional local culture, exploitation, or environmental impacts on destinations, like adding to water shortages.

We realise that if we want to keep enjoying holidays today, tomorrow and into the future, we need to start downsizing the downside of travel. We need to make sure local communities will benefit from our visits and continue welcoming us to their country.

Throughout destinations worldwide, we're working with hotels and excursion providers to reduce the environmental footprint of our holidays. We are also one of the first holiday companies to ask all our hotels to sign a contract with us, obliging them to do their utmost to reduce energy and water usage and treat their employees fairly.

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