At First Choice, we're not afraid of commitment

That’s why we’ve made 20 which we’ll achieve by 2014.

Reducing our carbon footprint

As well as remaining one of Europe's most fuel-efficient airlines, by 2014 we'll reduce the annual carbon footprint of our ground-based operations by 3000 tonnes of CO2.

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We will reduce the carbon emissions per passenger on TUI Travel airlines by 6% between 2008 and 2014. As well as flying our planes more efficiently, we'll continue to look into more sustainable fuel to fly our planes on. In 2011, we were the first UK airline to fly passengers using sustainable biofuel.

We will improve Thomson Airways’ environmental performance by achieving ISO14001 certification for the whole airline. This international stamp means that we're committed to reducing the environmental impact across all of our airline operations. In 2011, we achieved ISO14001 for our Engineering Division.

We will reduce the annual carbon emissions from our shops by 15% within three years. That's the same as taking around 800 cars off the road for a year. We'll be refitting our shops with more efficient equipment, as well as helping them reduce their carbon footprint. In 2011, we achieved the Carbon Trust Standard to help us on our way.

We will reduce the annual carbon emissions from our IT operations by 30% within three years. That's the same as taking around 200 cars off the road for a year. We’ll be moving on to more energy-efficient computers and printers, and using greener internet servers. We're on track to meet this.

We will save more than 25,000 trees by cutting back on more than 800 million sheets of paper. We'll be reducing the number of holiday brochure pages we print by 20% and replacing 60% of our ticket books with e-tickets. In 2011, we reduced the number of brochure pages we printed by more than 10%.

We will recycle more than three million of the drinks cans we hand out on our flights over three years. Each year, we're aiming to recycle 13 tonnes, or the equivalent of over one million cans, which will save more than 100 tonnes of carbon. In 2011, we recycled the equivalent of around 800,000 cans.

Taking care in our destinations

As well as raising £14 million for sustainability projects worldwide, by 2014 Thomson and First Choice hotels will stand out for their commitment to sustainability.

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We will have more than 90% of our hotels recognised with either Travelife or similar awards, and we'll be working on the rest. Backed by ABTA, Travelife awards are given to hotels that care for the environment, their employees and the local community. In 2011, 27% of our customers stayed at Travelife-awarded or subscribed hotels.

We will work with all of our First Choice Holiday Villages, Sensatori and Thomson Couples hotels to achieve industry-leading environmental standards. Using our bespoke sustainability guidelines, we’ll support these hotels to reduce their carbon and water footprint. In 2011, we rolled out new industry-leading guidelines for all of our hotels.

We will have raised £14 million for the World Care Fund between 2007 and 2014, investing in new projects every year. Working with a range of partners, we will support projects that make tourism more sustainable – looking after the environment and giving back to destinations. By the end of 2011 we had raised £10 million for the Fund.

We will have saved more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by investing in clean energy and energy efficiency projects in the destinations we go to. As well as helping the environment, these World Care Fund projects benefit local communities through sustainable development. We're on track to reach our target.

We will maintain our leading level of support for the Travel Foundation, through the World Care Fund. They’re on track to help 3000 hotels reduce their environmental footprint and to work with 500 local businesses to improve livelihoods in our destinations. By the end of 2011 we had raised nearly £3 million for the charity.

Living our values

By 2014, we will be a leader in how our colleagues rate our approach to the environment and local community.

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We will use Holidays Forever as a key driver for colleague engagement. As well as having responsible leadership as one of our four key values, we will embed it into our performance management and reward schemes, and raise awareness of local sustainability issues at head office. In 2011, we increased the number of colleagues with sustainability objectives and improved our engagement scores.

We will increase volunteering opportunities for colleagues by involving 1000 of them in community initiatives. We will enable colleagues to work on projects in the UK and in our destinations as part of our volunteering scheme, Project Discovery. In 2011, we extended our volunteering scheme, giving colleagues the opportunity to support community projects in the UK.

We will offer sustainability training to all of our colleagues. We will also train our customer-facing colleagues in child protection. We'll be launching online tools and face-to-face training to help our colleagues make a difference. In 2011, we trained around 3000 colleagues in child protection and rolled out our annual sustainability training overseas.

We will increase our engagement in sustainability with new colleagues, and use Holidays Forever to attract and develop talent. We will embed it into our graduate recruitment and development programme, as well as our wider recruitment process. In 2011, our graduate programme supported our Holidays Forever vision through a new communications project.

We will raise £1 million every year for our key charity partners and local charities in the UK and abroad. We will continue to support a number of causes including animal welfare through the Born Free Foundation, underprivileged children via the Family Holiday Association, and clean water projects through Pump Aid and Just a Drop. In 2011, we raised more than £1 million for charity.

Inspiring our customers

By 2014, we will have engaged two million holidaymakers in sustainable tourism through Holidays Forever.

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We will have more than 50% of our customers rating us as ‘excellent’ on our approach to the environment and local communities. We will do this by engaging with them more on sustainability while they are on holiday. In 2011, 43% of our customers rated our approach as 'excellent'.

We will engage half a million children in sustainable tourism. As well as educating children who come on holiday with us through our Kids’ Clubs, we'll help UK schools teach children how they can make a difference on holiday. In 2011, we engaged over 200,000 children in the UK and overseas.

We will reach more than half a million holidaymakers through our Holidays Forever websites. We'll be helping our customers understand why we take sustainability seriously and what they can do to make a difference on holiday. In 2011, nearly 100,000 people visited our Holidays Forever websites.

We will help our customers make more informed choices when they book with us and help them to get to know their destination. We'll share more information on the environmental footprint of our flights and hotels, as well as cultural insights into the places we visit. In 2011, we shared the carbon footprint of flights to our Sensatori resorts and Holiday Villages on our Thomson and First Choice websites.

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